Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tracking completed (really!) and half the mirrors are on

So the tracking system from heliotrack.com works great! All I had to do was hook up the wires and it did its thing. There are a few issues that I thought this system would address though, but it won't directly.

1. It doesn't have any relays to hook up a water pump when its tracking.
2. There is no way to integrate any safety measures based on water temp.

I'm working on both of these issues. I believe I have 1 figured out. I have a pretty good idea for 2, but it'll need some testing.

Now for the good part. I was able to get half the mirrors on over the past weekend. It's pretty impressive in person. I'll be taking better pictures in the near future.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Updated tracking system is getting the job done

I had some big issues with the last tracking system. I decided to go with a heliostat dual axis solar tracker. I hooked it up in the morning and it tracked the sun all day without needing a single adjustment. The only I made to it so far is to park the dish back in the East. This is a very nice feature.

Starting this weekend I'll be glueing mirrors onto the dish. I figure this will take a solid month. During this process I'll also be adding bracing for the second actuator, creating a collector out of soft copper tubing, and possibly getting a pump and preparing that for integration for the tracking system.