Monday, February 21, 2011

Introduction - What is a solar dish and what is this project about?

Here is the goal:

The concept is fairly simple. The idea is to focus as much light as possible onto as small of an area as possible which focuses the suns energy on water which is then used for various heating applications.  My work is completely motivated by others that have done similar projects. Their videos are posted on youtube and I recommend searching for them.

To put this concept to a practical application my plan is to take an old 10' satellite dish, cover it in 4"x4" mirrors and then collect the resulting heat in circulating water, and then use that hot water as preheated water for my parents domestic hot water.

Sounds simple!

Here's a breakdown of the general phases of the project.

Phase 1: Acquire 10' satellite dish and transport home
Phase 2: Acquire longer pole, prepare for cement, and erect 10' satellite dish in final position at my parents house
Phase 3: Test structural stability
Phase 4: Configure electronics and safety equipment
Phase 5: Cut and assemble mirrors onto the dish
Phase 6: Connect collector and water lines
Phase 7: Test

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