Monday, February 21, 2011

Phase 2: Acquire longer pole, prepare for cement, and erect 10' satellite dish in final position at my parents house.

In this phase I needed to get a longer pole and get a hole dug big enough to fit a wooden box we made for the concrete.y

Where I work we have access to 2" tubular steel. The maintenance guy was kind enough to weld a bunch of these pieces until we had three 2" diameter 10' or so poles. These were then welded together. Ideally this pole would get the dish above the tree line you can see, but what we got should get us the majority of the days sun.

To prepare for the concrete we invested in a backhoe. This was the costliest part of the project.  We dug a big ol' hole and stuck our box in. We had already ran our water and power lines by this point.

Here's the result.

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